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‚Äč4 Essential SQL Window Functions and Examples for a Data Scientist Interview in 2020

Introduction WINDOW functions are a family of SQL functions that are asked quite often during a data scientist job interview, however, writing a bug free SQL query using a WINDOW function could be quite challenging for any candidates, especially for those who just get started with SQL. In this...


7 Steps to Prepare your Data Scientist Job Interview in June 2020 #1: Analytics Track

About the author: Leon is a senior data scientist executive from a FAANG company in Silicon Valley. Before his current role, he managed a team of data scientists at Chegg, and worked as a research scientist at amazon.com building large scale machine learning systems. Introduction As a hiring...


Deploy a Machine Learning Model on Heroku with Django 3.0

[This article was originally published on Medium, here is the updated and latest version] In this article, I am going to show you step by step, how to deploy a sentimental analysis binary classification model into a productionized environment on Heroku, and allows everyone on the internet...


The Fullstack Data Scientist Toolkit

There are a lot of tools and services that allow you to become a more productive data scientist. In this toolkit, you will find 11 categories of apps and services that are frequently used by me and many other data scientists. Most of these tools are open source and free to use, or at least you...


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